10 cat breeds that don’t shed hair

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If you are cat lover but are allergic to cat hair, the world is surely a living hell for you. The main reason why many households do not keep a cat is because of its hair shedding that ultimately leads to some allergies. To solve this conundrum, you can get a cat breed that doesn’t shed hair. Here are top 10 cat breeds that don’t shed and would still make great pets.

1. Sphynx

PHOTO: sphynx.expert

When it comes to ‘not shedding’, Sphynx wins the battle by a country mile. The biggest myth you have heard about Sphynx is that it is hairless – well, not quite. It has such small and light-colored hair that they are hardly noticeable. One thing you should be careful of, dry the cat properly when you give it a bath. Since they have small hair, they get oily very quickly.