Kitty Stars of Cartoons: Heathcliff

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While not as popular as Garfield, Heathcliff continues to be a stalwart in the cartoon and comic industry. 

Early Days of Heathcliff

Heathcliff was a popular cartoon in the 1980s that would lie, cheat, and steal to get his way (or a meal). The orange tabby was also prepared for a fight and when not doing that he was attempting to be a ladies The cartoon became popular enough to warrant a movie in the 1980s and two separate series to capitalize off the fame of the street cat. The Heathcliff comic strip has progressed over time and has been distributed to over 1,000 newspapers worldwide, however much later than Garfield did.

In 1985 a Heathcliff comic began which ran for 56 issues to moderate success. The original comic strip launched in 1973.

Future of Heathcliff

Over the past decade there have been rumors that a second Heathcliff film would be produced after the original in 1985. The possible CGI film has been pushed back several times over the years and could possibly never happen at this point. There are several risks around a possible Heathcliff movie as well, despite the franchise still being somewhat popular the possibility for a box office flop is still rather large.

Heathcliff never was a huge international success at the level of a Felix the Cat or Garfield – despite still having somewhat of a presence. There also has been very little that has come from the franchise in recent years as well. At this point it would seem in the franchises best interest to not attempt an extremely expensive featured film venture when the youth of today are not familiar with the brand.

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