Signs that show whether your cats are “Friends or Foes”

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Image from Huffington Post

In case you would like to know if the specific cats are friends or enemies you can do that easily by keeping an eye on few of the signs. It gets very obvious from their behavior towards each other. Cats love grooming other cats and they share cuddles and love snuggling. If you see one cat rubbing another cat then that means they are friends. If you see that your cats are not mingling with each other and they like staying in different corners of the house then that means they are not friends.

Such cats would not like to share anything with each other. They would block the litter box, food tray, water container and beds right when the other one reaches for one of these things. Cats do not like to fight even if they are not friends or if they do not get along. In order to keep the atmosphere of the house healthy and the cats happy, we can give them their own things so that they do not have to share. We can give them individual food and water containers especially if they live in different parts of the house. In this way they would have their own things and they wouldn’t bother each other or block each other from having food or water.

They should have enough place to hide and climb so that they do not invade each other’s privacy. Cats do not really need partners to stay happy. They can live a happy life even without hanging out with other cats. If your cats do not get along, do not force them to be friends. Just spend quality time with your cats and do not worry at all if they do not want to play together.