The Most Unusual Looking Cats

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1. Is this a cat? Wait, maybe it’s a little bitty ghost. No, I know — it must be a green eyed alien from another planet.

After getting good and soaked, this white and grey cat with freakishly huge eyes looks like a very stylish alien — or even the ghost of one. This little fella also looks incredibly unhappy about whatever just happened. I wouldn’t want to be the person snapping this photo. This little ball of soaking wet fur looks ready to go postal and take out anyone in their way.

This seriously looks like something someone made up. It is incredible what a little water will do to the fur of a normally fluffy kitty. Did I say little water? Looking at the hose the kitty has pinned down, it was probably quite a lot of water, delivered by spray nozzle.


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Check out the look on that face. Is that seething anger? Is it an attempt to look innocent and swear “It wasn’t me?” Is it a quizzical expression of a cat trying to figure out what weird thing just went down?

If you ever needed proof that cats hate water with every fiber of their being, look no further. This picture is it. This cat is one very unhappy camper.

But what I really want to know is: What on earth is going on with those bulging green eyes? They look huge. They look like something is very wrong with them. You can see a clear outline of their shape contorting the face, pushed out beyond the contours of the tiny skull. It’s a bit concerning. It makes you wonder if they are about pop out and roll across the pristine clean, water covered steel surface upon which this cat is poised.

Teeny, tiny little body and great big giant whiskers. Just how long are those whiskers? We just don’t know. There is nothing to judge them by.

Do you like this photo? Great! After this, we have 16 more hard to believe photos of strange and entertaining kitties from all over. Some are weird. Others are wacky. All are wonderful.

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